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“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” -Amy Poehler
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According to Gallup, only 22% of employees strongly agree that their organization’s leadership has a clear direction, and only 15% of employees are engaged. It is time to change that! Team and organization sessions are an engaging and experiential way to enhance team dynamics and provide a springboard for your team to reach their potential. Team sessions provide a space for all to have a voice - whether in the strategic planning process, identifying strengths and gaps of the team, or engaging in team development. 




Your organization’s investment for a half day training and workshop is a base price* of $3,500.

*Each training or workshop is customized to meet the needs of the organization. There are options for multi-day, full day (5-8 hours), half day (3-4 hours), or a partial day (up to 2 hours). Pricing does vary as it is dependent on location & travel, number of participants, supplies needed, preparation time, interest in utilizing a personality assessment, etc. 


Let's get started! Fill out the contact form below or set up a FREE consultation call with me. You can share what you are looking for and we can discuss pricing. After I know what your needs are, I will send you a customized proposal. 

Trainings & Workshops Options

Training & Workshop options

understanding self & teams through Emotional Intelligence


The most highly requested workshop! This workshop engages your team in learning about each others’ natural inclinations and strengths, navigating conflict and stress, and providing a common language for your team to allow for more productive feedback. This workshop requires the purchase of one assessment tool. Options include Gallup's CliftonStrengths, DiSC, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hogan, EQ-i, or Reframing Organizations. This assessment is used to create experiential learning moments for the team and a common language to deepen feedback and team dynamics.

change management


The change management workshop is designed to help participants navigate and lead through organizational changes effectively. Attendees will learn key principles and frameworks for managing change, including how to communicate changes clearly and build support among team members. The workshop will also cover strategies for overcoming resistance and ensuring a smooth transition. Through practical exercises and case studies, participants will develop the skills needed to implement change initiatives successfully.

communication & feedback


The communication and feedback workshop is designed to empower participants with the skills needed to effectively convey ideas and provide constructive feedback in any professional setting. Through interactive activities and practical exercises, attendees will learn to enhance their listening skills, refine their verbal and non-verbal communication, and deliver feedback that fosters growth and collaboration. This workshop emphasizes the importance of clarity, empathy, and assertiveness, enabling participants to build stronger relationships and drive positive outcomes within their teams and organizations.

conflict management


The conflict management workshop will equip participants with practical strategies to effectively handle and resolve disputes in various settings. Attendees will learn techniques for active listening, understanding different perspectives, and fostering constructive communication. The workshop will also cover methods for identifying underlying issues and addressing them collaboratively. Through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios, participants will gain confidence in managing conflicts professionally and personally.

GENERATIONAL TRENDS in the workplace


Have you ever been curious about why it can be a struggle working with your colleagues at times? It could be that your team is experiencing the dynamics of generational trends. This workshop engages your team in learning about generational trends, understanding how to work more productively with different generations, and creating an action plan that will help your team work more productively together to get results! 

Growth mindset


The growth mindset workshop aims to inspire participants to embrace challenges and view failures as opportunities for growth. Attendees will learn the key principles of a growth mindset, including the importance of effort, persistence, and learning from feedback. The workshop will provide practical strategies for cultivating a growth mindset in both personal and professional settings. Through interactive activities and reflective exercises, participants will develop the skills to foster a positive, resilient approach to learning and development.

Leading High Performing Teams


Gallup has studied more than 2.5 million managers and teams across more than 1,200 organizations in 195 countries. Using Gallup’s research on high performing teams, your team will deeply engage with one another to create sustainable management strategies to become a high performing team. Each person gains valuable insights into their own strengths, recognize and appreciate the strengths of others to better navigate conflict, and practice proven techniques for team engagement and high performance.

Strategic Planning & Visioning


With only 22% of employees strongly agreeing that their organization’s leadership has a clear direction, developing a clear vision and strategic plan is a must for every team and organization. This workshop has a lasting impact on your organization if utilized consistently and diligently. Using a theory of change pathway, this workshop provides in-depth strategy work to build the foundation for a strategic plan. Your team will map out steps needed to create and implement a strategic plan, identify strengths and pitfalls, and begin to develop a strategic plan. This workshop focuses on the planning, but more importantly ways to enact the strategic plan.


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