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Why You're here

The Challenge.

Organizations need people who can solve problems and drive results - solving organizational challenges is a commitment that takes asking the right questions, getting the right people at the table, identifying the right learning solution, and assessing the impact. 


There is Good News.

YOU are just the leader your team and organization needs to navigate these challenges. We need more leaders who want to make positive change and leave a lasting impact - this takes strategy, communication, and trust. 


More Good News!

YOU are not alone. You are in the right place! I can help navigate these challenges. My approach is to help you build a sustainable strategy and enhance trust so you and your team can thrive and act!


About  Me


Hello! I’m Christine, and I help organizations identify learning solutions to their challenges. I am a leadership trainer, coach, instructional designer, and consultant, as well as a leader in higher education for 15 years, I have had my fair share of identifying learning solutions for challenges that exist in the organizations of which I have been a part. So I decided to shift my energy and focus to the future - building thriving teams and enhancing leadership capacity. It has been so rewarding!

These experiences are why I share with organizations how to navigate challenges, identify strategies, and learning solutions to get results and take action. I do this through high-impact trainings, coaching, instructional designing, and consulting.

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Let's Get to Work

This is where you get to 'choose your adventure'. You can engage in a number of action-oriented opportunities including: coaching supervision course, high-impact trainings and workshops, request individualized instructional design projects, and/or obtain invaluable feedback through consulting to help your organization identify strengths and gaps, so we can build out a strategy to take action and make lasting change. 



The applied supervision course is designed to help supervisors lean into strengths, cut the political noise, and engage in high impact work with their team.



Team sessions are a high-impact way to enhance team dynamics and performance. These sessions provide a springboard for your team to reach maximum potential.



Organizations need creative learning solutions. ID includes e-learning, instructor-led training (ILT), and virtual instructional-led training (vILT) options.

Consulting & reviews

We all need new perspectives at times. Consulting offers a powerful approach to gather knowledge, analyze data, and troubleshoot to improve performance intentionally.

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